when you’re lonely, you become observant of people. when you become observant of you master the art of perception. being perceptive means you can tell when someones energy changes, you can read people well, and you can tell when they’re no longer interested in keeping you around

DC Triplets Can Take Their Pick of Ivy League Schools



A little competition can be healthy, and in the case of DC triplets, Malik, Khalil and Ahmad Jones, sibling rivalry has generated some rather positive outcomes. The brothers, who attend Georgetown Day School in Washington, DC and excel both in academics (they all…


Lalita Bakshi: I though we got rid of imperialists like you!
Will Darcy: I’m not British, I’m American.
Lalita Bakshi: Exactly!
Bride & Prejudice (2004)

My favorite Bollywod film EVER!

I’m either too shy or too straightforward 

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Kayden’s first time experiencing rain  

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This what really be happening when your fast food orders take forever

Bruh they gotta be from DC, he was smooth bouta to go into that slow bounce shit lol

DC checkers all the way

Everyone has three lives: a public life, a private life, and a secret life.

Say Hello to TV’s Youngest Daytime Talk Show Host in History, Keke Palmer

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Nicki Minaj degraded males in one song the same way they do females in all their songs. They aren’t comfortable with the plot twist.

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